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October 2018, Homepage for
Extensive homepage created for

September 2018, Network management and monitoring with SolarWinds MSP
The SolarWinds Remote Management and Monitoring platform has convinced us and is already in use with us and our first customers.

August 2018, Mobile order control with Pocket BLUE
Send orders to the fitter / service technician directly to the mobile phone, let the customer sign, no problem with Pocket BLUE for blue office!
blue office

March 2018, GDPR the date is approaching
The GDPR requires that they deal in detail with all entrepreneurial processes that process personal data. We have developed ISO-compliant documents and a system which, together with our accompanying advice, enables them to efficiently, quickly and reliably master the implementation of legal requirements.

February 2018, OneClick partnership
We are OneClick Partner, an innovative solution for the requirements of modern application delivery.
more at OneClick

November 2017, DSGVO ready?
Are you feeling fit for the DSGVO or do you need external support?
We are glad to be here for you!
WKO checklist (German only)

In addition, we have put the entire legal text on our own portal page online. All text is searchable and there is a table of contents.
to DSGVO (German only)

October 2017, blue office 4.0 standard
As of now blue office 4.0 is available in the Edition Standard. The product inspires with the new flexible adaptation possibilities. Since the database and the interface are nearly identical to the predecessor version, a simple changeover with only a small amount of training and minor adjustments to existing individual document masks is possible.

October 2017, important infos
On our Ticketportal homepage, we publish current information and tips on updates, security gaps and more.

September 2017, Best of Austria
We are on!

August 2017, CSP
We are now Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner. Together with the Ingram Cloud Marketplace, we offer not only Microsoft solutions, but a variety of cloud solutions together with license management.
Market Place

July 2017, Ticket System
We started to track all offers and orders in the ticketing system a few weeks ago, and we control the accounting of the goods management. The entire processing process can thus be handled more efficiently from mobile and in our team.

June 2017, Homepage
The Figuli Consulting homepage gets a lighter and more modern touch with a background image from the sailing port Breitenbrunn. The (German only) now shows the new blue office® 4.0 version with differences to the previous one.

Mai 2017, 100 days, 100 tickets

After exactly 100 tickets and about 100 days in operation, we can positively determine that the SpiceWorks ticket system with its inventory and network monitoring efficiently supports and our customers very well accept.
If you have not already used it, please remember to ask for your next help request that it is more effective and comprehensible by e-mail at ticket {at} figuli {dot} com next to telephone and personal e-mail or directly via the porta

Livebild aus dem Dashboard des Ticket Systems.
Bild "Welcome:swtsk.jpg"

April 2017, daily business
The SpiceWorks ticket system has already proved its worth after a short time.
It is very well received by our customers. It helps us to maintain the overview and tracking as well as the billing of the services and materials provided and thus serves as preparation for the calculation from the blue office merchandise management.
Perfectly solved by the SpiceWorks makers the simple and flexible way to customize the ticket system itself, to design reports and to equip additional modules.
In addition to the inventory and network monitoring modules, it will become an indispensable tool for us, just like blueoffice.

March 2017, ticket system for IT assistance
We would like to further improve our IT support and provide a modern ticket system to all our customers! We can react faster and better than before via telephone and email on your concerns.
More about the Ticket System

March 2017, New location in Burgenland
At the beginning of March, the new office for management and sales will be located at Breitenbrunn. Technology and infrastructure remain at the Vienna location.

December 2016, Outlook 2017
In the near future we expect the new version 4.0 of the blue office ERP solution. We were able to try the pre-release and are looking forward to the new features. We can not expect the start date early enough. blue office will give us even more than before the possibility to adapt the merchandise management to user requirements. With the new possibility to seamlessly integrate your own applications it will be possible to adapt whole workflows perfectly.