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Relationships with customers, suppliers and internal processes are increasingly dependent on their IT systems. The customer expects a permanent, fast and secure communications.

Our support is on the one hand preventive and on the other hand fast and uncomplicated when it comes to a quick disruption of the problem, so that your success is always guaranteed.

For this purpose we have implemented a network monitoring and management system that monitors 24x7 systems. The system gives us a current status of your EDP infrastructure at any time, it triggers alarms when thresholds are exceeded or displays the current patch level status. This enables us to ensure a preventive operation of your EDP. Alarms and all their inquiries and error messages are included in our ticket system. This ensures fast, targeted and coordinated processing as well as complete documentation.

We look after both the blue office products, which are distributed by us, as well as all common standard software and their entire computer infrastructure.

As part of a holistic care we like to take care of their IT procurement, licenses and necessary running repairs.